Glazing Robots

Our award-winning range of glazing robots offer a variety of glazing solutions to the most difficult glazing and curtains-walling projects. Glazing robots enable glazing from the inside-out when scaffolding and craneage is not feasible. The largest capacity glazing robot is the Oscar 1400, which has a capacity of 1400kg but, at just 1303mm wide, it is small enough to fit in the tightest of spots. The hydraulically powered robotic arm extends up to 1510mm and is able to deliver unparalleled lifting thanks its 360° manually rotating head, helping to place loads with precision.

Glass Handling Robots

If you are looking for a glass handling robot, we have equipment which can lift up to 1400kg at a working height of 4.9m, glazing robots offer some of the most dynamic glazing solutions available on the market today. We also offer, as an attachment to a UNIC crane boom, the GL-UMC Glass Manipulator, which delivers the ultimate combination of reach and precision. These come at capacities of 600kg (swivel and rotate) and 1000kg (tilt, swivel and rotate). The 600 is compatible with UNIC models: URW-095, URW-295, URW-376, URW-506 and URW-706. When attached to URW-706 boom length is restricted to 16 metres.

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Oscar 280 Robot

Oscar 280

Capacity: 280kg
Working Height: 2.9m
Width: 630mm
Reference: GRG35

Oscar 350 Offroad Glazing Robot

Oscar 350 Offroad

Capacity: 350kg
Working Height: 2.76m
Width: 771mm
Reference: GRG19

Oscar 600 Glazing Robot

Oscar 600

Capacity: 600kg
Working Height: 1.4m
Width: 780mm
Reference: GRG20

Oscar 600 Offroad Glazing Robot

Oscar 600 Offroad

Capacity: 600kg
Working Height : 3.4m
Width: 922mm
Reference: GRG25

Oscar 800 Offroad Glazing Robot

Oscar 800 Offroad

Capacity: 800kg
Working Height: 4.7m
Min Width: 1000mm
Reference: GRG28

Oscar 600 Long Reach

Capacity: 600kg
Max Working Height: 4.3m
Width: 935mm
Reference: GRG24

Oscar 800 3D Head

Capacity: 800kg
Working Height: 5.0m
Min Width: 943mm
Reference: GRG32

Atom 800 Tracked Glazing Robot

Capacity: 800kg
Working Height: 4.25m
Min Width: 930mm
Reference: GRG31

Oscar 1000 Offroad Glazing Robot

Oscar 1000

Capacity: 1000kg
Working Height: 4.3m
Width: 960mm
Reference: GRG30

Oscar 1000 Plus

Capacity: 1000kg
Working Height: 4.3m
Width: 980mm
Reference: GRG33

Oscar 1400 Glazing Robot

Oscar 1400

Capacity: 1400kg
Working Height: 4.9m
Width: 1303mm
Reference: GRG34

Sky Robot 1500

Sky Robot 1500

Capacity: 1500kg
Working Height: 26.16m
Width: 2500mm
Reference: GRG50

Geko 350

Geko PV+

Capacity: 175kg
Working Height: 3.0m
Min Width: 618mm
Reference: GRG03

Geko 350

Geko 350 and PV+

Capacity: 350kg
Working Height: 2.5m
Width: 618mm
Reference: GRG07

Cobra 550 Glazing Robot

Cobra 550

Capacity: 550kg
Working Height: 4.0m
Width: 1163mm
Reference: GRG16

Geko 500 3D Head

Capacity: 500kg
Weight: 764kg
Width: 833mm
Reference: GRG14

HOMER Glazing Robot


Capacity: 500-750kg
Working Radius: 2.35m
Tilt: 80°
Rotation: 360°

GL-UMC 600 Glass Manipulator

Capacity: 600kg
Tilt: 120°
Feature: Swivel, Tilt & Rotate
Reference: VGL103D

GL-UMC 1000 glazing robot

GL-UMC 1000 Glazing Manipulator Head

Capacity: 1000kg
Feature: Tilt, Swivel & Rotate
Reference: VGL105

MultiGrab Robotic Attachment hydraulic lifting clamp


Capacity: 750kg
Rotation: 360°
Feature: Place loads horizontally and vertically
Reference: MCS750