GL-UMC 1000 Glazing Manipulator Head

Capacity: 1000kg

Combined with our URW-706 UNIC spider crane, this robotic attachment allows for easy glazing at height and is capable of lifting and manipulating large glass units of up to 1000kg.

Depending on the application, the GL-UMC 1000 can be configured to lift flat or convex and concave curved glass. The attachment is battery powered and its radio remote controlled electric actuators allow for 95o rotation, 40o head slew left and right and 60o up and down tilt for precise glass moving.

The GL-UMC 1000’s capacity and versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of projects. Additionally, its independent power system and safety features including audio-visual low vacuum warnings, make it one of the most advanced products in its category.

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GL-UMC 1000 Glazing Manipulator
  • Capacity: 1000kg (flat), 800kg (curved)
  • Dual circuit vacuum system with vacuum gauge, reserve tank and non-return valve for each circuit
  • Compatible with UNIC models: URW-706
  • Transport dimensions: 1500mm (h) x 770mm (l) x 2450mm (w)
  • 40° left and right from centre
  • 60° up and down from centre
  • 95° rotation
  • Audio-visual low vacuum warning
  • Extension arms for lifting larger flat loads
  • Power supply: 24V rechargeable battery
  • Weight: 230kg (12 pads), 222kg (10 pads)
  • Not suitable for use in the rain
  • Ref: VGL105

Technical Specification

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