Pick & Carry Cranes

These are a small crane which are designed to lift, shift and place loads up to 25 tonnes without the need for outriggers. These highly manoeuvrable mobile industrial cranes are a practical alternative to forklifts and telehandlers and come with lifting capacities from two tonnes to 25 tonnes. GGR Group provides first-rate after care support on all our machines, as well as technical advice, spare parts, maintenance and training. Contact us today to find out more.

Small Crane Hire

Our largest Pick and Carry Crane is the GF250, which can lift up to an impressive 25 tonnes and has a working radius of 8.4m. This is the perfect choice for heavy duty lifting in workshops, yards, marinas, aircraft hangers, factories, construction sites and more. Battery powered, quiet and incredibly versatile, Pick & Carry cranes are also highly suitable for working in fume-free environments such as locations which serve food, places of worship, hospitals and other sensitive, indoor environments.

eLearning With GGR Group

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T-Crane 1060 Pick & Carry Crane

Capacity: 990kg
Max Lifting Height: 7.7m
References: TCR 1.0 D / TCR 1.0 E

G20 Pick & Carry Crane


Capacity: 2.0t x 0.5m
Boom Length: 2.15 - 5.15m
Working Radius: 3.5m
Reference: MCG20

G20 Searcher Hook

G20 Searcher Hook

Capacity: 150kg
Length: 1200mm
Working Radius: 4.7m


Capacity: 2.0t x 0.45m
Lifting Height: 5.3m
Working Radius: 3.45m
Reference: MCGK20

Galizia Multis 215

Multis 215

Capacity: 2.5t
Lifting Height: 6.54m
Reference: MCG215

GF30 - Pick and Carry Crane


Capacity: 3.0t x 0.5m
Boom Length: 2.23 - 6.53m
Working Radius: 4.8m
Reference: MCFG30


Capacity: 4.2t x 0.7m
Boom Length: 2.68 - 7.18m
Working Radius: 5.2m
Reference: MCGF42


Capacity: 3.2t x 0.3m
Lifting Height: 6m
Working Radius: 4m
Reference: MC32S


Capacity: 3.5t x 0.4m
Boom Length: 2.5 - 5.5m
Working Radius: 3.4m
Reference: MCG35

G50 Pick & Carry Crane


Capacity: 5.0t x 0.6m
Boom Length: 2.95 - 5.05m
Working Radius: 2.7m
Reference: MCG50

Galizia Multis 636

Multis 636

Capacity: 6.0t
Lifting Height: 6m
Fork and operator platform attachments
Reference: MCG636

G70 pick & carry crane


Capacity: 7.0t x 0.8m
Boom Length: 3.38 - 6.38m
Working Radius: 3.8m
Reference: MCG70

Galizia G90 Pick & Carry Crane


Capacity: 9.0t x 0.8m
Boom Length: 3.66 - 7.16m
Working Radius: 4.3m
Reference: MCG90



Capacity: 10.0t x 0.8m
Boom Length: 3.6 - 8.1m
Working Radius: 8.5m with jib
Reference: MCGF100

Galizia G120 Pick & Carry Crane


Capacity: 12.0t x 0.8m
Boom Length: 3.67 - 8.07m
Working Radius: 5.2m
Reference: MCG120

Galizia G150 Pick & Carry Crane


Capacity: 15.0t x 0.9m
Boom Length: 4.3 - 9.49m
Working Radius: 6.1m
Reference: MCG150


Capacity: 18.0t x 1.5m
Working Height: 11.4m
Working Radius: 8m
Reference: MCGF180

GF200 Pick & Carry Crane


Capacity: 20.0t x 0.8m
Boom Length: 4.23 - 9.43m
Working Radius: 6.1m
Reference: MCGF200

F200E Plus

Capacity: 20.0t x 0.8m
Boom Length: 4.23 - 9.43m
Working Radius: 6.1m
Reference: MCGFE200


Capacity: 25.0t x 1.5m
Boom Length: 4.9 - 11m
Working Radius: 7.5m
Reference: MCGF250