Multis 636 – Pick & Carry Crane

Capacity: 6.0 tonnes

The multi-functional Multis 636 is not just a pick and carry crane, it can also be transformed into a telehandler with fork and operator platform attachments.

At only 1.73m wide and just over 2m tall the Multis 636 has no need for outriggers to lift up to 6 tonne loads (3.2 tonne with fork attachment). The full hydraulic telescopic boom can work to a height of 6 metres with high precision joystick controls and has a low boom pivot point to make loading into vehicles easy.

The front tool holder plates on this multipurpose crane/ telehandler allow for a range of attachments to be fitted including forks, platforms, buckets, winch systems, searcher hooks and jibs.

Currently this item is for sale only.

Ref: MCG636

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Multis 636
  • Maximum capacity: 6.0 tonnes (3.2 tonnes with forks)
  • Maximum height: 6.0m
  • Steering radius 2960mm
  • Width: 1730mm
  • Length: 3860mm
  • Height: 2068mm
  • Weight: 6400kg
  • Full hydraulic, 3 section box boom
  • Powered by 48v battery, optional diesel engine
  • Optional: searcher hook, jib, full winch system, forks, sideshifters, buckets

Technical Specification

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