Tracked Carriers

GGR's range of tracked carriers and tracked levellers give operators a practical, safe, and reliable means of transporting glass, stone, cladding, timber, machinery, and other materials around the site. Perfect for use on both rough ground and flat land and with options up to 6000kg in capacity, these compact yet powerful material handling solutions are an ideal means of shifting heavy and bulky loads. The tracked levellers take the versatility even further, with the ability to self-level when going up and down slopes. Available to hire or buy, contact us today to find out more.

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TC 0.3 Tracked Carrier

Capacity: 300kg
Gradeability: up to 45°
Reference: TC 0.3


TC1 Tracked Carrier

Capacity: 1200kg
Rotation: 360°
Reference: AGT190

1.5 FX Tracked Carrier

Capacity: 1500kg
Weight: 465kg
Reference: TC 1.5

3.0 FX Tracked Carrier

Capacity: 3000kg
Weight: 720 or 790kg
Reference: TPS 3.0 ELC / TPS 3.0 LTH

3.0 RT Tracked Carrier

Capacity: 3000kg
Weight: 805 or 975kg
Reference: TPS 3.0 RTE / TPS 3.0 RTL

Tracked Leveller 2.5

Capacity: 2500kg
Weight: 1800kg
Reference: TPS 2.5

Tracked Leveller 3.0

Capacity: 3000kg
Weight: 1855kg / 1670kg
Reference: TPS 3.0 ABL / TPS 3.0 LBL

Tracked Leveller 5.5 With Crane Attachment

Bed Capacity: 5500kg
Crane Capacity: 990kg
Reference: TPS 5.5 CRANE

Tracked Leveller 6.0

Capacity: 6000kg
Weight: 2550kg
Reference: TPS 6.0

T-Crane 1060

Capacity: 990kg
Max Lifting Height: 7.7m
References: TCR 1.0 D / TCR 1.0 E