New Products

'Innovation, not imitation' - that's our ethos at GGR Group. Every day, we work alongside our network of suppliers and dealers to bring fresh and exciting new products to market. From mini cranes and glass lifters to stone lifters and glazing robots, we offer ground-breaking solutions for your lifting needs.

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14.42 Diesel Telehandler

Capacity: 4200kg
Max. Lifting Height: 13.6m
Working Radius: 9.76m
Reference: F1442-D

17.40 Diesel Telehandler

Capacity: 4000kg
Max. Lifting Height: 16.4m
Working Radius: 12.6m
Reference: F1740-D

6.26 Diesel Telehandler

Capacity: 2600kg
Max. Lifting Height: 5.9m
Working Radius: 3.1m
Reference: F626-D

F6.26 Electric Telehandler

Capacity: 2600kg
Max. Lifting Height: 5.9m
Working Radius: 3.1m
Reference: F626-3

GML800+ Floor Crane

Capacity: 800kg
Weight: 666kg
Rotation: 7.94m
Reference: MCO03

Slewboy 500

Capacity: 500kg
Max Hook Height: 2.7m
Weight: 562kg
Reference: MCO24

Glass Transporter 3000

Capacity: 3000kg
Shelf Width: 25-225mm
Reference: AGT49

Libro 12000 Overhang Beam

Capacity: 12000kg
Depth of Overhang: 4m
Reference: VOB12000

Tracked Leveller

Capacity: 2500kg
Weight: 1800kg
Reference: TPS 2.5

Glassboy 850

Glassboy 850 Floor Crane

Capacity: 850kg
Max Hook Height: 2.8m

AC500 Assembly Crane

AC500 Assembly Crane

Capacity: 500kg
Max Hook Height: 10.5m


TC1 Tracked Carrier

Capacity: 1200kg
Slewing: 360°
Reference: AGT190

Flexi-Mover Cutout


Capacity: 1100kg
Bed: Hydraulic raise / lower
Reference: AGT109


Geko 425

Capacity: 425kg
Weight: 754kg
Width: 832mm
Reference: GRG15

Lib 800 Oh Thumb

Libro 800 Glass Lifter

Capacity: 800kg
Depth of Overhang: 2000mm
Reference: VGLB 800

Green Lifter

Capacity: 900kg
Max Hook Height: 3.9m
Reference: MCO99

MCO26 Glass Hoist

Capacity: 360kg
Max lifting height: 5.15m
Reference: MCO26

MFC 750 Mini Floor Crane

Capacity: 745-900kg
Max Hook Height: 2.9m
Weight: 644kg

Kombi 7411-DS7Z

Capacity: 750kg
Rotation: Manual 360°
Tilt: Manual 90°
Reference: VGL46

Hydraulica 2100 Curved

Capacity: 2100kg
Rotation: Powered 360°
Tilt: Hydraulic 90°
Reference: VGL67CF

Starworker 1000-D Trailer Crane

Capacity: 1000kg
Max. Hook Height: 26.5m
Working Radius: 21m
Reference: MCO110-D

Mini Crawler Crane MCC294

Capacity: 2.9t x 1.5m
Max. Lifting Height: 10.6m
Max. Working Radius: 9.35m
Reference: MCC294

MRTA811 Quadra-Tilt Intelli-Grip

Capacity: 320kg - 635kg
Rotation: Manual 360° lockable
Feature: Quadra-Tilt Power
Reference: VGL35 IG

Counterweight Balancer 350

Capacity: 350kg
Depth of Overhang: 550mm
Reference: CWB350

Mini Crawler Crane MCC1004

Capacity: 10.0t x 2.5m
Max. Lifting Height: 21.5m
Max. Working Radius: 19m
Reference: SWTC10

Libro 1000 3D Head

Libro 1000 3D Head

Capacity: 1000kg
Depth of Overhang: 3000mm
Reference: VOB2500A

UNIC Cube Crane

Capacity: 0.98t x 6.44m
Max Lifting Height: 21.17m
Total Width: 1.5m
Weight: 8650kg


Capacity: 750kg
Rotation: 360°
Feature: Place loads horizontally and vertically
Reference: MCS750

GF30 - Pick and Carry Crane


Capacity: 3.0t x 0.5m
Boom Length: 2.23 - 6.53m
Working Radius: 4.8m
Reference: MCFG30

Tilting Trolley 600

Tilting Glass Trolley 600

Capacity: 600kg
Reference: AGT18

Kombi 7411-DSG7

Capacity: 750kg
Rotation: Manual Lockable 270°
Tilt: Manual 90°
Reference: VGL51

TMC 525 Articulated Crawler Crane

Capacity: 14t x 3.01m
Max. Hook Height: 20m (29.4m with jib)
Reference: TMC525

UNIC URW-295-3 Variable Outrigger

Capacity: 2.9t x 1.4m
Max Lifting Height: 8.8m
Total Width: 0.6m
Weight: 1850-2090kg

URW-706 Mini Spider Crane

UNIC URW-706-2

Capacity: 6t x 3m
Max Lifting Height: 19.5m
Total Width: 1.67m
Weight: 7920-8400kg

Libro 8000 Cutout

Libro 8000 Overhang Beam

Capacity: 8000kg
Depth of Overhang: 3m
Reference: VOB8000

GGR Secondary Safety Device - Stone

Secondary Safety Device - Stone

8m Strap Length - SSD03

GGR Secondary Safety Device - Glass

Secondary Safety Device - Glass

8m Strap Length - SSD01
11m Strap Length - SSD02

Tracked Leveller 6.0

Capacity: 6000kg
Weight: 2550kg
Reference: TPS 6.0

Tracked Leveller 5.5 With Crane Attachment

Bed Capacity: 5500kg
Crane Capacity: 990kg
Reference: TPS 5.5 CRANE

GRC Lifter

Capacity: 600kg flat or side
Feature: Two vacuum systems
Reference: VSL26

UNIC Tracked Eco Crane

UNIC Tracked Eco

095 0.995t x 3.5m
295 2.9t x 1.4m
Max Lifting Height: 8.9m
Total Width: 0.75m
Weight: 2350kg


Capacity: 1650kg
Rotation: Powered 360°
Tilt: Powered 90°
Reference: VGL31

MCC500D Sunward Crawler Crane

Mini Crawler Crane MCC500D

Capacity: 5.0t x 2.1m
Max. Lifting Height: 16.5m
Max. Lifting Radius: 14.53m
Reference: MCC500D

MRT4 Intelli

MRT4 Intelli-Grip Dual Circuit

Capacity: 320kg
Rotation: Manual 360° lockable
Battery: 12v
Reference: VGL17 IG & VGL18 IG

P11104 Intellii-Grip

P11104 Intelli-Grip Dual Circuit

Capacity: 320kg
Rotation: Manual 180° lockable
Battery: 12v
Reference: VGL11 IG



Capacity: 10.0t x 0.8m
Boom Length: 3.6 - 8.1m
Working Radius: 8.5m with jib
Reference: MCGF100


Stone Slab Vacuum Lifter GSK1500

Capacity: 1550kg (Vertical)
Capacity: 1050kg (Horizontal)
Reference: VSL41

Libro 5000 Counterbalance Beam

Libro 5000 Overhang Beam

Capacity: 5000kg
Depth of Overhang: 3m
Reference: VOB5000

TMC 25 Articulated Crawler Crane

Capacity: 2.5t x 1.5m
Max. Hook Height: 10.4m (15.65m with jib)
Reference: TMC25

TMC 060 Tracked Pick & Carry Crane

Capacity: 580kg
Max. Hook Height: 4.25m
Reference: TMC060

Mini Crawler Crane MCC1005

Mini Crawler Crane MCC1005

Capacity: 10.0t x 2.0m
Max.Lifting Height: 25m
Max.Lifting Radius: 21m
Reference: MCC1005

Cobra 550 Glazing Robot

Cobra 550

Capacity: 550kg
Working Height: 4.0m
Width: 1163mm
Reference: GRG16

Oscar 350 Offroad Glazing Robot

Oscar 350 Offroad

Capacity: 350kg
Working Height: 2.76m
Width: 771mm
Reference: GRG07

Oscar 1400 Glazing Robot

Oscar 1400

Capacity: 1400kg
Working Height: 4.9m
Width: 1303mm
Reference: GRG34

Hydraulica 2000 Cutout

Hydraulica 2000

Capacity: 2000kg
Rotation: Electric 360°
Battery: 12v
Reference: VGL57C

Oscar 800 Offroad Glazing Robot

OSCAR 800 Offroad

Capacity: 800kg
Working Height: 4.7m
Min Width: 1000mm
Reference: GRG28

DSZ2 Slimline Lifter

Capacity: 750kg or 900kg
Rotation: Manual 360°
Battery: 12v
Reference: VGL36, VGL37 & VGL39


Stone Slab Vacuum Lifter GSK3000

Capacity: 3000kg (Flat)
Capacity: 2000kg (Vertical)
Reference: VSL90

Hydraulica 6000 - Glass Vacuum Lifter

Hydraulica 6000

Capacity: 6000kg
Rotation: Powered 360°
Reference: VGL99

Glass Jack

Glass Jack

Capacity: 300-600kg
Rotation: Manual 360° lockable
Tilt: Manual 90°
Reference: VGL107

GSK4600 - Stone Lifter


Capacity: 4600kg (Flat)
Capacity: 3000kg (Side)
Feature: 12-Hour Operation
Reference: VSL130

Diesel Particulate Filter

DPF - Diesel Particulate Filter

Up to 99% reduction
in emissons
Fully VERT Approved
Reference: DPF30MR