Overhang Beams

Our award-winning range of overhang beams offer a unique solution to the trickiest glazing and curtain walling projects. Overhang beams enable a load to be lowered close to a building envelope when soffits or overhangs are an obstacle. The largest capacity piece of equipment in our range is the Libro 2500, which can lift 2500kg with a 3m depth of overhang. This high capacity overhang beam can be attached to tower cranes or mobile cranes and is suitable for installation projects at height.

Counterbalance Beams

At the other end of our range, the Libro 250 Compact Overhang Beam can lift up to 250kg with a 0.8m depth of overhang. Powered by a 24V rechargeable battery, the Libro 250 Compact has an electrically adjustable rack and pinion counterweight saddle which can be moved along the machine’s rear beam by cable remote control. We have also introduced a counterbalance beam which is designed to be attached to mobile cranes and tower cranes at height in order to install glass, cladding and curtain walling below overhangs of up to 300mm deep.

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Libro 250 Overhang Beam

Libro 250 Compact Overhang Beam

Capacity: 250kg
Depth of Overhang: 800mm
Reference: VOB250

Counterweight Balancer 350

Capacity: 350kg
Depth of Overhang: 550mm
Reference: CWB350

Counterweight Balancer 600

Capacity: 600kg
Depth of Overhang: 600mm
Reference: CWB600

C-Hook Overhang Lifter

Capacity: 1000kg
Depth of Overhang: 1440mm
Reference: VGL44

Libro 800 Overhang Beam

Libro 800 Overhang Beam

Capacity: 800kg
Depth of Overhang: 1550mm
Reference: VOB800

Libro 900B Overhang Beam

Capacity: 900kg
Depth of Overhang: 2000mm
Reference: VOB900B

Lib 800 Oh Thumb

Libro 800 Glass Lifter

Capacity: 800kg
Depth of Overhang: 2000mm
Reference: VGLB 800

Libro 1000 Overhang Beam

Capacity: 1000kg
Depth of Overhang: 1.5m
Minimum extension: 940mm
Reference: VOB1000

Libro 1000 3D Head

Libro 1000 3D Head

Capacity: 1000kg
Depth of Overhang: 3000mm
Reference: VOB2500A

Libro 600 3D Head

Capacity: 600kg
Depth of Overhang: 3000mm
Reference: VOB2500B

Libro 500 3D Head

Capacity: 500kg
Depth of Overhang: 2000mm
Reference: VOB900A

Libro 1600 3D Head

Max Capacity: 1600kg
Max Overhang: 4640mm
Reference: VOB5000A

Libro 1200 3D Head

Max Capacity: 1200kg
Max Overhang: 3000mm
Reference: VGL116

Libro 3000 Overhang Beam

Capacity: 3000kg
Depth of Overhang: 4.1m (with hook), 5.3m (with corner lifter)
Reference: VOB3000 (hook), VOB3000-CT (corner lifter)

Libro 2500B Overhang Beam

Capacity: 2500kg
Depth of Overhang: 3m
Reference: VOB2500B

Libro 2500D Overhang Beam

Capacity: 2500kg
Depth of Overhang: 3m
Reference: VOB2500D

Libro 5000 Overhang Beam

Capacity: 5000kg
Depth of Overhang: 3m
Reference: VOB5000

Libro 8000 Overhang Beam

Capacity: 8000kg
Depth of Overhang: 3m
Reference: VOB8000

Libro 12000 Overhang Beam

Capacity: 12000kg
Depth of Overhang: 4m
Reference: VOB12000

Libro 20000 Overhang Beam

Capacity: 20000kg
Depth of Overhang: 3m
Reference: VOB20000