Libro 800 Counterbalancer

Capacity: 800kg

The Libro 800 is a compact overhang beam, which is able to lift loads up to 800kg. This counterweight balancer is capable of installing glass, curtain walling and cladding below overhangs of up to 1550mm and can lift loads at full capacity at each working length.

The Libro 800 overhang beam features an integrated hook and can be used with a below-the-hook vacuum lifter, which are also offered for hire or sale from the GGR Group. This compact overhang beam can be attached to both mobile or tower crane and is suitable for installation projects at height. The Libro 800 features an anti-tilt switch, which stops the counterweight balancer tilting past ±10° for safety.

The Libro 800 is fitted with a rechargeable battery to power the adjustable 24 counterweight rack and pinion saddle. Controlled by cable remote, the counterweight saddle can be moved along the beam to balance the load being lifted.

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Libro 800 Overhang Beam
  • Hire Only
  • Capacity: 800kg
  • Integrated hook
  • Note that the weight of load and vacuum lifter combined cannot exceed 800kg
  • ±10° Anti-Tilt Switch
  • Cable remote control for counterweight saddle
  • Weight: 810kg approx. (with counterweights), 210 kg approx. (without counterweights)
  • 1 counterweight = 25kg
  • Ref: VOB800

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