Special & Trailer Cranes

GGR’s range of special use cranes, articulated cranes and trailer cranes benefit from high level lifting capacity in the tightest of spaces. These special use cranes are easy to set up and feature a generous lifting range from an impressive 19 to 30 metres. One of our newest machines, the TMC 525 articulated crawler cranes boasts from 14t lilting capacity and a maximum hook height of up 29.4 metres with jib.

Specialist Crane Hire

GGR’s special use cranes are the ideal solution for lifting over rooftops when access around a building is restricted. GGR Group has a range of portable crane hire and specialist crane hire options to help with your complex lifting projects. One of the newest additions to the special use crane fleet, the Cube Crane, is one the most advanced mini cranes in the world to feature a three section derricking boom, enabling it to be set at an 85°, 90° and 95° angle.

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F6.26 Electric Telehandler

Capacity: 2600kg
Max. Lifting Height: 5.9m
Working Radius: 3.1m
Reference: F626-3

Starworker 1000 Trailer Crane

Capacity: 1000kg
Max. Hook Height: 24.5m
Working Radius: 20m
Reference: MCO110

Starworker 1000-D Trailer Crane

Capacity: 1000kg
Max. Hook Height: 26.5m
Working Radius: 21m
Reference: MCO110-D

Starworker 1600 Trailer Crane

Capacity: 1600kg
Max. Hook Height: 30m
Working Radius: 22.5m
Reference: MCO28

TMC 525 Articulated Crawler Crane

Capacity: 14t x 3.01m
Max. Hook Height: 20m (29.4m with jib)
Reference: TMC525

TMC 25 Articulated Crawler Crane

Capacity: 2.5t x 1.5m
Max. Hook Height: 10.4m (15.65m with jib)
Reference: TMC25

UNIC Cube Crane

Capacity: 0.98t x 6.44m
Max Lifting Height: 21.17m
Total Width: 1.5m
Weight: 8650kg