Mini Crawler Cranes

Our range of mini telescopic crawler cranes bring together the ultimate combination of compact size and heavy duty lifting power for working on rugged terrain or congested sites. Our mightiest mini crawler crane is the MCC 805, which can lift up to 8 tonnes at 3.5m, and has a maximum lifting height of 20.5m. The MCC805 features a hydraulic blade mounted on the front of the chassis designed to even-out any rough terrain and self-level the crane when working on gradients of up to 13 degrees.

Crawler Crane Hire

We have a range of mini crawler cranes for hire and sale. As a minimum, we have the MCC495, which has a 2.35m wide base and solid tracks which provide it with the stability to lift and travel with loads up to 2 tonnes in weight (or 4.9 tonne capacity static lift). The five section telescopic boom can reach a maximum working height of 16.35m and be controlled accurately with a joystick. So whatever your requirement, contact GGR Group today for our competitive mini crawler crane hire rates.

eLearning With GGR Group

GGR is proud to introduce our brand new eLearning courses. Fully interactive and divided into manageable sections, our online training includes engaging scenarios, instructional films, and quiz questions to help you learn.

Mini Crawler Crane MCC383

Capacity: 2.93t x 1.5m
Max. Lifting Height: 9.3m
Max. Working Radius: 8.38m
Reference: MCC383

Mini Crawler Crane MCC294

Capacity: 2.9t x 1.5m
Max. Lifting Height: 10.6m
Max. Working Radius: 9.35m
Reference: MCC294

MCC495 Mini Crawler Crane For Hire & Sale

Mini Crawler Crane MCC495

Capacity: 4.9t x 2.1m
Max. Lifting Height: 16.35m
Max. Lifting Radius: 14.52m
Reference: MCC495

MCC500D Sunward Crawler Crane

Mini Crawler Crane MCC500D

Capacity: 5.0t x 2.1m
Max. Lifting Height: 16.5m
Max. Lifting Radius: 14.53m
Reference: MCC500D

MCC505 Telescopic Crawler Crane

Mini Crawler Crane MCC505

Capacity: 4.9t x 2.1m
Max.Lifting Height: 16.2m
Max.Lifting Radius: 15.18m

Mini Crawler Crane MCC804

Mini Crawler Crane MCC804

Capacity: 8t x 2.5m
Max.Lifting Height: 13.7m
Max.Lifting Radius: 13.2m
Reference: MCC80B

Mini Crawler Crane MCC805

Mini Crawler Crane MCC805

Capacity: 8t x 3.5m
Max.Lifting Height: 20.5m
Max.Lifting Radius: 18.5m
Reference: MCC80-3

Mini Crawler Crane MCC1005

Mini Crawler Crane MCC1005

Capacity: 10.0t x 2.0m
Max.Lifting Height: 25m
Max.Lifting Radius: 21m
Reference: MCC1005

Mini Crawler Crane MCC1004

Capacity: 10.0t x 2.5m
Max. Lifting Height: 21.5m
Max. Working Radius: 19m
Reference: SWTC10

Hook Monitoring System

Lens Angle: 113°
Operating Time: Up to 12 Hrs
Resolution: 1080p
Reference: MRC01