Mini Crawler Crane – MCC495

Capacity: 4.9t x 2.1m tonnes

The new MCC495 mini crawler crane brings together the compactness of a spider crane with the heavy lifting power of a pick and carry crane.   This mini machine provides an alternative solution to lifting challenges in restricted access areas.

The mini MCC495 telescopic crawler crane’s 2.35m wide base and solid tracks provide it with the stability to lift and travel with loads up to 2 tonnes in weight (or 4.9 tonne capacity static lift). The five section telescopic boom can reach a maximum working height of 16.35m and be controlled accurately with a joystick.

Pick & Carry Duties are available at boom lengths of up to 10.13m.

The Total Rated Load Charts are based on the actual working radius including boom deflection. The weight of the hook (standard 4 fall – 90kg) must be included as part of the load shown in the Total Rated Load Charts. When using two fall or single fall hooks, use the appropriate four fall Total Rated Load Chart below but with a maximum load of: Two fall – 2450kg, Single fall – 1220kg.

Available for hire only.

If you are looking to hire or purchase a MCC495 Mini Crawler Crane, or require any further information, contact GGR Group today.

MCC495 Mini Crawler Crane
  • Maximum capacity: 4.9t x 2.1m
  • Maximum pick & carry capacity: 2t x 2.1m
  • Maximum height: 16.35m
  • Width: 2350mm
  • Length: 5005mm
  • Height: 2685mm
  • Weight: 9700kg
  • Full hydraulic, 5 section box boom
  • Powered by 4 cylinder diesel engine
  • Optional: single fall hook, rubber pads

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