Vacuum Lifter Operator Hire

There is an ever expanding range of materials being used in construction that demands an ever broader range of lifting equipment to go with it. GGR’s fleet of vacuum lifting equipment includes glass, cladding and stone lifters. With such a vast array of vacuum lifters it can be difficult to have a permanent team of operatives that are skilled in the use of all of the different machines.

The RTITB qualification for vacuum lifter operation requires operatives to go through a rigorous training programme and to have a detailed understanding of not only machine operation but of all relevant legislation governing lifting operations.

Due to the nature of vacuum lifting there are several factors that can make lifting one day very different from lifting the next. Weather conditions, in particular extreme heat or cold, can significantly affect the ability of the machine to create a vacuum sufficient for lifting.  The weight, surface texture and porosity of the material to be lifted also needs to be carefully considered as not all vacuum lifters are suitable for all materials.

GGR’s team of RTITB qualified vacuum lifter operators have the right level of experience and expertise to safely operate our broad range of vacuum lifters in varying conditions. Our operators are available for hire alongside your chosen vacuum lifter to ensure you have the right people with the right skills working on your project.

Our RTITB qualified vacuum lifter operators come with the right level of experience and know-how to safely operate a broad range of vacuum lifters, including glass, stone and cladding vacuum lifters. Contact us today for further information.

Do you need to hire a vacuum lifter operator?

We have experienced, qualified vacuum lifter operators available for your project.