CAD Expertise

Our fully trained CAD experts can provide detailed drawings as well as superimpose mini cranes onto your lift plan to aid with any complex lifts. Our CAD team are well versed in AutoCAD, 3D inventor modelling and Navisworks. There are many reasons why CAD is used instead of manual drafting, including:

Easy to Reproduce: Draftsmen used to take days to complete a drawing by manual drafting, and in the case of changes to the lift plan, reproducing the drawing meant recreating the drawing from the beginning. With the use of CAD it is much easier to reproduce a drawing or to make copies.

Logical: CAD models or geometry entities are logically connected, or in other words you cannot create a CAD model which is not possible practically. The drawings created by the manual drafting method do not have such checks, and you can create anything.

Access Control: drawings of a particularly complex lift could be crucial to a project and such drawings should not be accessible to all. Providing access controls is easy for the CAD drawings, and the access level can be defined for each drawing.

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Do you require CAD Expertise?

We can provide detailed drawings to aid with complex lifts.