TMC 080 Tracked Pick & Carry Crane

Capacity: 800kg

The fully electric TMC 080 with pick and carry abilities is the perfect compact crane for both indoor and outdoor projects.

Designed with a non-marking tracked chassis and producing zero emissions it is ideal for sensitive environments and Low Emission Zones across Europe. The extendable chassis can also be reduced to a 780mm width allowing access through doors and narrow passages.

With an 800kg maximum capacity crane, you can hoist loads onto the TMC 080’s bed or transport loads by crane. Fully radio-controlled, operators can rotate the crane up to 50˚ to facilitate the easy transfer of the load to the platform.

Created with users in mind the TMC 080 is fitted with advanced safety features such as an anti-overload system.

If you are looking to hire or purchase the TMC 080 Tracked Pick & Carry Crane, or require any further information, contact GGR Group today.

  • Capacity: 800kg
  • Max Hook Height: 4.6m (main hook), 5.0m (searcher hook), 5.69m (fly jib), 6.17m (searcher hook & fly jib)
  • Max Working Radius: 3.5m (main hook), 4.0m (searcher hook), 4.5m (fly jib), 5.0m (searcher hook & fly jib)
  • Transport dimensions: 2251mm (l) x 780mm (w) x 1459mm (h)
  • Weight: 1000kg approx.
  • 25° left & 25° right of centre boom rotation
  • Optional 500kg winch
  • Optional 500mm searcher hook
  • Optional 1000mm fly jib
  • Ref: TMC080

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