Libro 20000 Overhang Beam

Capacity: 20000kg

For the largest and heaviest jobs, GGR’s Libro 20000 is the ultimate in overhang beams, with a mammoth 20 tonnes capacity this unrivaled machine is designed for use with tower cranes and mobile cranes to aid in the installation of glass, cladding, stone, and curtain walling up to an overhang of 3m deep.

The Libro 20000 is fully battery-powered by a 24v rechargeable battery which powers the counterweight rack and pinion saddle. Easily controlled by the radio remote provided, the saddle can be moved along the steel beam to balance the load under the hook.

With a safety feature preventing the main beam from going beyond a +/- 10° incline, the Libro 20000 overhang beam also includes a solid integrated hook.

Weighing 8105kg and the ability to handle 20000kg this gargantuan overhang beam is perfect for the heaviest of lifts that the modern world demands.

If you are looking to hire the Libro 20000 Overhang Beam, or require any further information, contact GGR Group today.

  • Capacity: 20000kg
  • Suitable for overhangs up to 3m deep overhangs
  • Hook attachment
  • Radio remote control for counterweight saddle
  • 24V DC battery with separate 110/240v charger
  • Weight: 8105kg approx. (with counterweights), 2600 kg approx. (without counterweights)
  • When transporting the Libro 20000 all counterweights must be removed and transported separately to the beam.
  • The Libro should not be lifted on the storage frame by using the lifting points on the storage frame, the storage frame lifting points are to lift the storage frame alone.

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