GF100 – Pick & Carry Cranes

Capacity: 10.0t x 0.8m

With a capacity of 10 tonnes, the GF100 pick and carry crane has the power to lift, move and place heavy loads without the need for outriggers.

Featuring front wheel drive and a compact design, the GF100 has excellent steering control and is easy to manoeuver. This pick and carry crane is suitable for high precision gradual movements when lifting and moving a load.

The GF100 has three hydraulic boom extensions, offering an overall maximum lifting height of 8m, however lifting heights of 8.8m and 11m are achievable with the supplementary hook and jib respectively. As with the GGR’s smaller pick and carry crane models, the GF100 features benefits including battery-electric power, 180° rear hydraulic turning and no outriggers, making it a highly manoeuvrable machine.

GF100 Pick and Carry Crane
  • Capacity – 10t x 0.8m
  • 180° rear hydraulic turning
  • No outriggers
  • Max. lifting height of 8m (8.8m with supplementary hook, 11m with jib)
  • Weight – 10,000kg

Reference Code MCGF100

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