T-Crane 1060

Capacity: 990kg

A ground-breaking new pick and carry crane, the T-Crane 1060, is very versatile and can be utilised on a number of indoor and outdoor task locations. The self-levelling capability of this cutting-edge machine operates on slopes up to a 15° angle, offering operators versatility over difficult terrain. It can be driven on slopes up to 25°.

The first pick-and-carry mini-crane with self-levelling technology in the world is propelled by either a Yanmar diesel engine or a 300Ah lithium battery pack. The T-Crane 1060, which has a maximum working radius of 6.1 metres and a lifting height of 7.7 metres, comes standard with a radio remote control and has a 990-kilogram lifting capacity.

The overall weight can be decreased to 2850kg thanks to the inclusion of a removable 1000kg counterweight* that ensures maximum flexibility. The T-Crane 1060 is now easier to transport by trailer or enter construction sites with very little ground pressure as a result.

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  • Capacity: 990kg
  • Minimum width (stowed): 1350mm
  • Maximum working width: 2450mm
  • Automatic dynamic self-levelling
  • Maximum gradeability: 25°
  • Controlled by digital radio remote with feedback
  • Maximum speed: 2.5km/h
  • Weight: 3850kg (EVO) / 3910kg (LTH)
  • Two Power Options: Yanmar Diesel Engine (EVO) / Lithium Battery Pack 300Ah (LTH)
  • Ref: TCR 1.0 D (EVO) / TCR 1.0 E (LTH)

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