Sky Robot 1500

Capacity: 1500kg

A UK first, the Sky Robot 1500 is a 100% battery-powered boom-lift glass installation robot that can reach up to a massive working height of 26.16m with 1200kg glass or up to 21.93m with glazing units that weigh up to 1500kg all on a 360° continuous rotating base. Being fully powered by a rechargeable 80v 520Ah lithium battery the Sky Robot 1500 produces no noise, zero emissions and no pollution, making it a truly environmentally friendly machine.

One of the stand-out features of this powerful glazing robot is the fully articulating 3D head that can rotate 360°, tilt 90° up and 30° down and slew 80° left and right*. With a 200mm vertical and horizontal side shift function, it allows millimetre precise installation for operators. The extendable arms of the built-in vacuum lifter complete with 8 independent suction cups running on a dual circuit system allow operators to lift loads of different sizes with ease.

Coming with low marking tyres as standard this robot is perfect for working in areas with sensitive floorings such as shopping centres, warehouses, factories, and other indoor or outdoor environments. With the Sky Robot 1500 being fully controlled by a radio remote, operators can use all functions via the easy-to-use controller, a 6km/h top speed, a small turning radius of just 3.22m with an ability to traverse 3° slopes gives the Sky Robot 1500 manoeuvrability, speed, and adaptability.

The Sky Robot 1500 is available on an “Operated Hire” basis, if you require any further information, contact GGR Group today.

  • Max Capacity: 1500kg (depending on number of pads and working height)
  • Weight of machine with counterweights 19,500kg
  • Maximum working height: 26.16m (depending on number of pads)
  • Maximum working radius: 13.95m
  • Fully Articulating 3D Head: 360° rotation, 90° tilt up and 30° down, 80° slew left & right
  • 8 x independent vacuum pads
  • 360° continuous rotating turntable
  • 1.61m tail swing
  • Gradeability: 30%, Maximum Slope 3°
  • Fully battery powered 
  • Low marking tyres as standard, optional normal tyres
  • Fully controlled by a high precision radio remote
  • Not suitable for use in the rain – read more in our safety guide
  • Ref: GRG50

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