Geko 500

Capacity: 500kg

The Geko 500 3D glazing robot has been designed to lift glass, marble, steel, and other materials in confined and restricted access areas.

This battery-powered glass manipulator features an innovative hydraulically powered 3D head to help shift loads into place for optimum installation using its 180° powered rotation. The Geko 500 3D can also tilt loads 90° up & down, manual boom slew 22° left & right, and features a powered head to slew 90° left and right.

With a lifting height of up to 2.9 metres, this versatile glazing robot is ideal for picking loads from the ground and manipulating them into position for installation at any required angle.

The Geko 500 3D glazing robot also features pneumatic rubber tyres, for added safety when travelling over rough, uneven ground and features a powered side shift function for moving loads into position when assisting with glass installation.

This machine is also perfect for lifting and installing canopy glazing, curtain walling and installing glazing from the inside out.

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  • Lifting capacity 500kg
  • Weight of machine (with counterweights): 764kg
  • Unique state-or-the-art 3D head movement
  • 90° powered tilt up & down
  • Pad frame rotates 180° left and right
  • Dual vacuum circuit with non-return valve
  • Min width of machine: 833mm
  • Traveling height: 1134mm
  • 22° manual boom pivot
  • 600mm boom in & out
  • 90° powered head slew left & right
  • Not suitable for use in the rain – read more in our safety guide
  • Ref: GRG14

Technical Specification

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