Oscar 350 Offroad Glazing Robot

Capacity: 350kg

A welcomed addition to GGR’s range of glazing robots, the OSCAR 350 Offroad has the capacity to lift up to 350kg and features all terrain tyres, making this compact glazing robot perfect for projects in areas with restricted access and poor ground conditions.

The OSCAR 350 is designed to handle glass, ceramic plates and plastic boards for easy handling and precision installation. The electrically powered robotic arm is able to extend up to 600mm and is able to deliver unparalleled lifting thanks to its movable head with the ability to electrically tilt 90 degrees up and down; manual lockable rotation 180 degrees left and right; and manually slew 90 degrees left and right.

This dual circuit glazing robot is able to transport, lift and manipulate loads with extra stability thanks to its wheeled stabilisers. At just 771mm (1199mm with stabilisers), the OSCAR 350 Offroad comes with a pendant remote control as standard, giving operators the option to decide how close they want to be to the load as and when required.

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Oscar 350 Offroad Glazing Robot
  • Lifting capacity 350kg (175kg when lifting arm is fully extended or when lifting in overhead position)
  • Weight of machine 335kg (without counterweights)
  • 100mm lateral sideshift (left and right)
  • Manual 180° rotation left and right
  • 90° slew left and right
  • Pad frame tilts 90° (up and down)
  • Dual vacuum circuit with two vacuum pumps
  • Width of machine:  771mm
  • Robotic arm powered by electric actuators
  • Powered by two 12v DC rechargeable batteries
  • Not suitable for use in the rain – read more in our safety guide
  • Ref: GRG19

Technical Specification

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