Cobra 550 Glazing Robot

Capacity: 550kg

The Cobra 550 is a highly adaptable glazing robot that is able to install material from glass to granite, heavy fire doors and other various materials with precision. With a capacity of 550kg, the Cobra 550 can lift materials from floor level up to four metres in a fully parallel operation.

Featuring a powerful hydrostatic drive and large front twin wheels, the Cobra 550 is suitable to operate across all kinds of terrains. Its compact 800mm width and 1425mm height means that this glazing robot can fit through narrow doors and hallways with ease. The Cobra 550 is fitted with a 490Ah battery which can be fully charged in up to 5 hours.

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Cobra 550 Glazing Robot
  • Hire Only
  • 550kg Lifting capacity
  • Lift from floor to ceiling
  • 4m lift height for overhead installation
  • 3.5m height for vertical installation
  • Hydraulic movement for millimetre precision
  • 180°tilt
  • ± 500mm top boom in & out
  • Parallel side shift – 100mm left and right
  • Ref GRG16

Technical Specification

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