Atom 800 – Tracked Glazing Robot

Capacity: 800kg

With an 800kg max capacity, the Atom 800 has been developed in response to the growing needs of the glazing industry. Typically, glazing robots are fitted with solid or air-filled tyres for use on smooth flooring, however, the Atom 800 features rubber tracks to easily drive over rough surfaces.

Ideal for use on construction sites, The Atom 800 glazing robot features an eight-pad dual circuit vacuum system, hydraulic swivel, tilt, slewing and rotating head to easily pick the glass up from the ground or a stillage, transport and manoeuvre into place.

At just 930mm wide, 1600mm high and with individually controlled tracks, the Atom 800 can easily move around a site, through narrow paths and entrances thanks to its small footprint. This glazing robot is ideal for working in hard to reach, confined areas and is controlled via the multifunctional radio remote control, giving the operator full control over all hydraulic functions including driving.

The Atom 800 glazing robot can lift canopy glazing up to a maximum height of 4.25m or to 2.7m if glazing horizontally.

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  • Lifting capacity 800kg
  • Maximum weight of machine 1520kg (including removable counterweights)
  • 360° powered rotation left and right
  • 90° powered slew left and right
  • 90° powered tilt up and down
  • Dual vacuum circuit
  • Radio remote control

Reference Code GRG31

Technical Specification

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