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overhang beam and stone lifter.

When speaking of versatility in construction some of the first cranes to come to mind are spider cranes. Their core design focuses on enabling the operator to lift where it otherwise may not be possible with a standard crane. With a mini spider crane performance is elevated above the standard. With a compact size and adaptable outriggers mini spider cranes can lift loads that are disproportionately heavier than their size.

At GGR Group we aim to surpass what is exceptional and only increase the versatility of our mini spider crane range. Offering a range of attachments, you can adapt your spider crane to a number of challenges, including tasks such as glass and cladding lifting, lifting at a height, materials manipulators and more.

Glass Attachments

Glass vacuum lifters have long been used alongside cranes so that glazing can be easily installed at a height. Designed as a below-the-hook attachment users can easily switch them out between

projects so that the crane and glass lifter combo meet your needs. With capacities ranging from 70-7500kg at GGR, you can tackle almost any glazing challenge.

These attachments come in all shapes and capacities to meet a range of requirements for different types of glass. The customer favourite MRT4 Intelli-Grip Dual Circuit is popular for a reason with its innovative Intelli-Grip technology which provides increased safety by minimising operator error, identifies further training needs and performs diagnostics.

Watch this video of the MRT4 in action here.

Stone Attachments

Just like glass vacuum lifters stone lifters have provided a safe way to lift  heavy, bulky materials at a height and enhance safety when lifting such materials. Utilised for a range of projects the stone lifter can install concrete cladding panels, paving flags, porous concrete kerb stones and sandstone blocks at various heights and angles.

Our stone lifters come both powered and manually operated, catering for different needs on the job. The Screw Grab is one of our newest stone lifters and can lift up to 500kg with a manually operated screw mechanism. The serrated and rubber-lined jaws provide a secure grip on many types of stone.

One of our battery-ran stone vacuum lifters is the GSK1000. With a constant running vacuum, it can securely lift porous materials without a loss of suction. Read about a project the GSK1000 was recently used on here.

Cladding Attachments

With cladding being an essential material for buildings, especially high-rises, using the right tool for the job can optimise the lifting and installation process. Specially designed with cladding in mind the vacuum systems apply the perfect suction to a variety of cladding panels.

With a wide array of cladding lifters to choose from at GGR with up to a 1000kg capacity there is always a lifting solution for you. The customer favourite the Cladking Intelli-Grip has the same innovative technology as the MRT4 Intelli-Grip Glass Vacuum Lifter. Like many of the other cladding lifters, it can be tilted and rotated and also has a reverse airflow vacuum pump for easily removing loads.

GRC Lifters

Designed specifically for lifting and moving GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete) these lifters add ease to the installation of GRC materials. Their bespoke design mean that users can lift with confidence knowing products like this can handle this unique material.

At GGR we have a few options GRC Lifter options available, specially created by our own engineering team. Our original design, the aptly named GRC Lifter, has the option of a constant runner or a stop-start vacuum runner for use with both porous and non-porous materials. We also have the P11104  and MRT4611  which have four and six configurations for smaller and longer GRC loads respectively.

Searcher Hooks

Combining a searcher hook with your spider crane allows you to lift in areas where there is low headroom or when a load needs to be installed close to a ceiling or overhead obstacle such as a soffit or balcony. This is an excellent choice to use with a mini spider crane as they are often used in confined spaces where complex lifts may need to be performed.

We offer a selection of searcher hooks that can be used alongside your spider cranes such as the 300kg and 500kg capacity hooks as well as the 2in1 fly jib searcher hooks for less downtime changing the attachments around.

Fly Jibs

Fly jibs are another crane boom attachment that are used differently to searcher hooks. Alternatively, a fly jib allows you to extend the working radius and height of your spider crane. This ensures that you can still benefit from the mini spider crane’s compact size without the need to size up your crane.

Our spider cranes are compatible with multiple fly jib options on our site, including the 800kg and 1000kg fly jibs which are compatible with the 706 and 1006 Mini Spider Cranes respectively. You can also use the 2in1 fly jib searcher hooks with the 095, 295, 356 and 506 models.

Glass Manipulators

While glass vacuum lifter attachments are great accessories for most glazing projects, they can’t always provide what is needed. Glass manipulators offer the ultimate precision for installing glass

as there is no need for manual assistance when positioning and instead the robotic attachment can be manipulated via radio remote control.

We currently offer two glass manipulator options with the GL-UMC 600 and GL-UMC 1000. Offering remote-controlled powered rotation, slewing and tilting operators can easily manipulate glazing into tight positions.


A UNIC URW-706 Mini Spider Crane with a GL-UMC 600 Glass Manipulator attachment lifting glazing for a skylight.

When you need millimetre precision placement of steel, pipes and more the MultiGrab attachment allows operators to ‘pinch’ materials and precisely place them. The hydraulic lifting clamp has full 360˚ rotation and vertical movement allowing operators to position heavy materials with ease. The included cordless remote control means users are not restricted by wires and can adjust the angle of the MultiGrab at any stage during the lifting process.

DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) Attachment

With the DPF filter, you can quickly create a cleaner, greener working environment and transform your spider crane into a 2016/1628 European directive compliant machine. This allows you to reduce the number of harmful particles by 99.98-99.99% and reduce emissions with a simple to fit solution across a range of our UNIC mini spider cranes.

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