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GGR Group were approached by a client to assist with the installation of glazing inside the Fairmont Hotel in Windsor. With the indoor atrium lift area, GGR was presented with several challengesGGR Group glazing the Fairmont Hotel, Windsor atrium with the TMC 25 Articulated Crawler Crane. which required a specialist crane and an expert lift team.

Upon completing a site survey along with the lift plan and risk assessment GGR found that the project would require their TMC 25 Articulated Crawler Crane as well as the MRT4 Intelli-Grip Dual Circuit Vacuum Lifter and the GSK1000 Vacuum Lifter. Requiring five glass panels to be replaced weighing 242kg each with a length of 2592mm the lift required equipment that could fit into the atrium and lift the load with ease.

The first challenge the GGR team faced when arriving on site was tracking the crane through the entrance. With paving slabs and tiles throughout the tracking area GGR Group placed down plywood to protect the floors against any damage. The glass door entrance offered a 1700m wide and 3000mm height gap for any machinery to squeeze through. The TMC 25 was selected for its compact size when the boom and outriggers are folded away, allowing it to track through confined areas easily. At only 780mm wide and 1760mm tall this double doorway was no issue for the TMC 25.

GGR Group glazing the Fairmont Hotel, Windsor atrium with the TMC 25 Articulated Crawler Crane.Within the circular atrium were several alcoves in which the glazing needed replacing. These alcoves presented a challenge due to the height of 10.5m and width of 3.6m. The glazing was flush with the sides of the alcove and the top panels were flush with the ceiling. This made it challenging to remove and install the glazing due to the tight quarters the glaziers and crane would have to contend with.

Selected for its articulated boom and compact size the TMC 25 offered a heightened reach and could easily fit into the atrium. The maximum hook height of 10.4m also allowed easy lifting of the 242kg glass panels into place. For ultimate protection of the tiled floors GGR fitted timber billets and outrigger mats under each outrigger.

For safe lifting of the glass GGR used both their MRT4 and GSK1000, switching between the two as needed. The MRT4 has a 320kg capacity as well as a 360˚ continuous rotation and 90˚ tilt for accurate positioning. Using the GSK1000 it also has a constant running vacuum system to keep loads secure throughout the lifting process.

Using their innovative kit GGR Group was able to complete the replacement of all five glass panels safely and efficiently. With an experienced operator and lift supervisor, the customer was able to successfully install the glass with confidence in GGR’s reliability.

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