DPF – Diesel Particulate Filter For UNIC Mini Spider Cranes

The DPF from GGR Group benefits from a 99.9%+ reduction of soot particulates when fitted to small diesel engines for lifting operations. This filter has been developed for GGR’s range of UNIC mini spider cranes, ride on cranes and pedestrian cranes and creates a safer and cleaner working environment for operators.

This filter has been designed for use on diesel engines to remove particulates from the exhaust. It is perfect for use in tunnels, railway stations, shopping centres and airports.*

The versatility of the DPF means it can be fitted quickly and easily. This filter meets 2016/1628 European directive, ensuring the volume of harmful particulates are successfully reduced by 99.98-99.99% during the operation of small diesel engines on lifting equipment.

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  • Up to 99% reduction of particulate matter emissions
  • Designed for diesel engines up to 30kW (40HP)
  • Dimensions of DPF: 520mm (l) x 360mm (d) x 560mm (h)
  • Dimensions on trolley: 640mm (l) x 470mm (d) x 960mm (h)
  • Weight: 50kg (on crane), 68kg (on trolley)
  • Fully VERT approved parts
  • No consumables (e.g. replacement filters)
  • 110V/32A regeneration zero maintenance unit
  • For use with: Diesel-095, Diesel-295, URW-376, URW-506,
    URW-547, URW-706, URW-1006

Ref: DPF30MR

Diesel Particulate Filter

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