UNIC URW-1006 – Mini Spider Crane

Capacity: 10t x 3.0m

The mightiest of the world’s mini cranes, the UNIC URW-1006, boasts an unrivalled 10 tonnes of lifting power.

The UNIC URW-1006 offers a generous 30.7 metre lifting height and 24.3 metre working radius, yet at only 2 metres wide still retains class-beating minimal dimensions for working in restricted spaces.

This versatile mini crane also has a unique pick and carry function which enables it to travel with loads up to 1.5 tonnes. Its configurable outriggers provide maximum stability when lifting on uneven surfaces thanks to their full safety interlocking system.

The UNIC URW-1006 is also fitted with a state-of-the-art safe load indicator with high resolution colour LCD display, as well as radio remote control which gives operator feedback for safer lifting.

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The URW-1006 mini spider crane
  • Safe working load: 10t x 3.0m
  • Total width: 2m
  • Max working radius: 21.9m (24.3m with fly jib)
  • Max lifting height 22.8m (30.7m with second stage fly jib)
  • Diesel powered and optional mains electric
  • Working area limitation
  • Radio remote control as standard
  • Intelligent throttle activation for economy and ecology
  • Optional stowable fly (extension) jib
  • Searcher hook (optional)
  • Maximum wind speed for safe use is 36km/h, 22mph or 10m/s

Ref: MCU1006

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