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We are quite a romantic bunch here at GGR underneath all of the oil and engine grease!

As we have customers all over the world, we thought we would share some amusing facts and tips about Valentine’s Day.

Disclaimer – GGR holds no responsibility for any love-life disasters that occur as a result of our guide!


Paris, ‘the city of love’, is pretty much the world capital of Valentine’s Day. Lovers in France give letters and cards, a world-wide tradition that claims its origins in France. History says that the Duke of Orleans, Charles, wrote the very first Valentine’s card; he signed a poem to his love, ‘Your Valentine’.

As you know, France is the home of champagne – what better way to celebrate than popping the cork on a bottle of bubbles?!

GGR’s Kombi 7441-Quadra vacuum lifter was used to help glaze the new Moët & Chandon factory in France which manufactures most of the company’s luxury champagne.


A heart shaped box of chocolates is pretty much a fool-proof option for those lacking a bit of Valentine’s Day inspiration.

Our UNIC mini spider cranes come from Japan, where its tradition for women to give chocolates to all of their males coworkers on February 14th – even the ones they don’t like that much!  There is a bright side to all of this gift giving though – March 14, is ‘White Day’ in Japan, where the men must return all of the women’s gifts, and more!

Here’s one of our mini cranes helping to build a chocoholic’s dream, a giant Cadburys chocolate fountain.



Valentine’s Day is very popular in Germany.  Lovers exchange all of the usual stuff:  flowers, chocolate, heart shaped gifts, oh and pigs.

Yes pigs! In Germany, pigs symbolise luck and lust. They are given in pictures, as statues, in chocolate…any way you like really! With all of this lust flying about you might need to book yourselves a luxury hotel room!

Go for romantic locations that GGR’s lifting equipment has worked at such as a stylish suite at the Hilton hotel or a cosy, countryside log cabin.

The Netherlands

In The Netherlands, Valentine’s Day is not only regarded as a romantic event, to be celebrated by lovers, but is also observed as a day of friendship and companionship. By 1949, the Dutch export of flowers was growing very quickly. It was during this time that the first Valentine’s campaign took place in the country and the National Organization for Florists proposed the observation of Valentine’s Day as ‘Flower Day’.

A stroke of genius; supply and demand is the key to successful business after all. Plus you have a lot more options besides red roses if you are buying for friends too. In The Netherlands variety is the spice of Valentine’s.

Our rose red mini cranes are regularly spotted working amongst the floral displays at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.


We all know that everything is bigger, brighter and louder in the USA, so of course they send about 190 million Valentine’s Day cards every year and spend around $131 on their loved one!

The USA is home to Hollywood and the essential valentine chick flick, what better way to celebrate your love than sitting on the back row of the movies?!

Take a look at this UNIC mini crane and DSZ2 glass lifter on a tricky glass installation job at the Everyman cinema in Leeds.


In Italy, the day of love is celebrated with a Spring Festival, couples get together to enjoy poems, music, and exchange gifts like the “Baci Perugina” – a box of small hazelnut filled chocolate kisses. The box is accompanied by a love quote, printed in four different languages.

It is hardly surprising that the Italians go to great lengths when expressing their love; it is, after all, the home of Romeo and Juliet. Perhaps a trip to the theatre will ignite the passions of your loved one?

GGR’s UNIC mini cranes have worked at both the Shakespeare Globe and St James Theatre in London.

all-cardsIf you are in the good old UK this Valentine’s weekend…a combination of all of the above is sure to get you into the good books!

Lots of love from GGR xx



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