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Capture 2One of GGR’s G70 pick and carry cranes was recently hired to replace a biomass boiler at a major manufacturing facility in the North West. The G70, with its zero emissions working makes it the perfect choice when working on environmentally-aware projects such as this one.

Biomass boilers offer an environmentally friendly, heating solution. Burning biomass, such as wood pellets or logs, emits the same amount of carbon dioxide as is absorbed while the plants were growing. Therefore, biomass is classed as carbon-neutral renewable energy. Biomass boilers burn biomass fuels extremely efficiently and use the heat produced to provide heating and hot water. They can also be more cost effective and efficient than fossil fuel boilers, especially in rural or off mains gas areas.

Capture 1GGR was tasked with lifting the reverse jet cyclone that weighed in at 1,750kg. The G70 is highly manoeuvrable enabling heavy loads like these to be picked, carried and placed into optimum position without the use of outriggers saving time on site when deadlines are tight.  The heaviest part of the boiler weighed in at 21,000kgs – a little heavy for our mini cranes; there was a 160 tonne mobile crane on hand to help with this part before all of the auxiliary equipment was handled by our nifty G70 pick and carry crane.


GGR’s Sales Director, Mike Heneghan said, ‘As customers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of their projects on the environment, our zero emissions cranes are ever more in demand. GGR Group is committed to sustainability and already have an extensive fleet of zero emissions machines such as the UNIC Eco-095, our glazing robots, vacuum lifters in addition to our range of industrial pick and carry cranes.’

The G70 has been used on a whole range of projects including installing a steel staircase at Chester Racecourse, moving a carbon filter system at Scalby Mills Waterworks, and carrying out maintenance works on the AMT Trader barge.

If you would to find out how our range of zero emissions cranes can help on your project, give our friendly team a call.

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