By: Kelly Holdaway On: January 23, 2012 In: Blog Comments: 0

Two of GGR’s compact cranes joined forces recently to take on a job involving an incredibly tight squeeze at a waste water treatment works in Scarborough.

The G70 pick and carry crane and Unic URW-095 mini spider crane were hired to help install two carbon filter systems at Scalby Mills works, moving the 4 tonne large cylindrical drums inside the building. These specialist restricted access lifting machines came into their own on this project as the only access into the building was a doorway that was just 40mm wider than the drums themselves!

For this tricky lift, the 7 tonne capacity G70 compact crane and lightweight Unic mini spider crane were able to work in tandem.  With the spider crane slightly raising the drum so it was in the correct position and supporting some of its weight, the pick and carry crane inside the building could reverse and pull the load through the doorway.



Once the drum had been successfully moved through this tight space, the G70 could carry the load on its own into the required position in the station. The drum was tilted back into vertical position by both cranes; the G70 lifted the drum from one end and pulled it upwards towards the ceiling, whilst the spider crane gave support to the other end of the drum to make sure it wouldn’t be damaged.

GGR’s compact cranes are not unfamiliar with waste water plants—the mini cranes have also been used to upgrade a Victorian waterworks in Scotland recently, read more.


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