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GGR Spider Cranes for Tandem LiftA pair of GGR spider cranes teamed up to carry out a tricky tandem lift at Westfield’s White City Shopping Centre. The dynamic lifting duo was made up of two URW-706mini spider cranes. As part of the Phase 2 development of the huge shopping centre the escalators had to be removed and then re-installed at a new position.

The redevelopment of Westfield London is a £1 billion plus project that will add 665,000 square feet of high-quality retail, residential and mixed-use space to create an appealing townscape with a vibrant pedestrian quarter. The precinct’s new homes, shops and businesses will be a valuable addition to the community that lives and works in the White City Area.

GGR Spider Cranes for Escalator LiftThe two GGR spider cranes were tasked with lifting the escalators which weighed in at 6 tonnes each; a task that the spider cranes, with a combined lifting power of 12 tonnes, could handle with ease. However, it wasn’t just the weight that made this lifting job complex; the length and width of the escalators meant that the two mighty cranes had to work in perfect sync in order to complete the lift safely and efficiently.

GGR’s team of lifting experts were able to manoeuvre and place the load with millimetre precision via radio remote control.  Both crane models have a safe load indicator that enables the operator to set a working area limitation for better control in sensitive environments. The Lift-Smart Advanced Safety System also includes over winding alarm, computer controlled intelligent voice warning system, intelligent throttle activation and audio-visual warning device.

GGR have done countless jobs on Westfield sites throughout the UK and even had a dedicated mini crane hire depot on site when the White City project first got underway in 2011!

Thanks to the wide variety of sectors that we work in we have plenty of experience with tricky tandem lifts; take a look at our tandem lift gallery.

If you have got a tricky lifting project GGR can help, contact one of our friendly experts to discuss the options.

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