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GGR Group has recently been commissioned to once again bring some Christmas cheer to Derby Shopping Centre. The annual lifting of the Christmas tree brought some early Christmas cheer to the residents of Derby.

One of GGRs TMC 25 articulated crawler cranes was pivotal to the completion of the project. Due to the size of the tree, over 3 different sections needed to be lifted nearly 15m to complete the Christmas centrepiece. This was easy work for the TMC 25 which has a maximum lifting height of 15.65m.

The TMC 25 is a specialist crane and is perfect for any projects where extra reach is needed due to its three-stage hydraulic jib. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, this crane was the ideal piece of equipment to complete this project overnight while the shopping centre was closed, ready to wow visitors the next day.

TMC 25 Derby Christmas Tree

With a lifting capacity of 2.5 tonnes, a hook height of 10.4m (15.65m with jib) and a working radius of 8.43m, the TMC 25 made light work of the Christmas tree. This mini yet mighty articulated crawler crane was easily able to move through the double doorways of Derby Shopping Centre with its 1180mm width to access the area where the Christmas tree would need to be placed. Once at the location, the TMC 25 was then quickly and safely able to lift the individual sections of the tree from the ground floor.

Featuring low marking tracks, this crawler crane was ideal for use on the sensitive surface of the shopping centre floor. GGR also have all terrain tracks for traversing rough and uneven terrain.

It is around this time of year that GGR are called upon to help with the installation of Christmas trees and other festive displays. Why not take a look at how we helped lift the Christmas tree at the UK Houses of Parliament or how one of our UNIC Cranes help to build a Christmas tree in Leeds.


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