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GGR Group Lifts Christmas Tree

GGR was recently commissioned to help bring some Christmas cheer to Leeds Trinity Shopping Centre, whilst lifting a giant, Christmas tree into place.

A UNIC URW-706 mini spider crane was central to the lift, where the Christmas tree had to be lifted in ten separate layers, with the heaviest weighing up to 540kg. Of course, this was no problem for the URW-706, which features a maximum lifting height of 19.5m, making it ideal for this lift.

The tree, which weighed in at a huge 1350kg in total, is now placed perfectly at the hub of the shopping centre.

At just 1670mm wide, the UNIC URW-706 could easily fit through the double doorway access and was tracked across plywood board to protect the flooring. Once successfully reaching its lifting location, the mini yet mighty UNIC URW-706 had to lift the individual sections of the tree from the upper floor, down to the lower floor, before being placed directly on to the base of the tree for fitting.

The URW-706 spider crane features radio remote control and a safe load indicator that enables the operator to pre-define the working area for better control in sensitive environments. Additional safety features include an overwinding alarm, computer controlled intelligent voice warning system, intelligent throttle activation and audio-visual warning device.

It is around this time of year that GGR are called upon to help with the installation of Christmas trees and other festive displays. Why not take a look at how we helped lift the Christmas tree at the UK Houses of Parliament or how we helped erect the Swarovski covered Christmas tree at Berlin railway station.


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