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GGR Group’s versatile range of compact cranes and vacuum lifters have proved their worth time after time on renovation, refurbishment and extension projects for private properties in both the city and countryside. Here’s how some of our bestselling equipment has taken on a variety of home improvements.

Unic mini cranes are practical lifting tools for creating new homes from scratch as they are lightweight enough to be lifted down onto the basement level of new builds. This Unic URW-376 spider crane helped install concrete foundations for this cottage in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire.

These compact cranes are ideal for handling and erecting steelwork to form new structures. A Unic URW-095 mini crane was used to move 5.8 metre long 450kg steel beams to the rear of the a house in Beckley, Oxfordshire. This miniature machine was set up in the small 4 metre by 2.5 metre area ready for lifting.

Larger Unic mini cranes can lift to the height required to position steelwork ready for fixing into place. A 3 tonne capacity Unic URW-506 crane was showcased on Channel 4’s Grand Designs erecting steelwork on a South London mansion and a 6 tonne capacity Unic URW-706 recently provided lifting power on a site in Kew.

Here’s one of GGR’s expert operators using a Unic URW-706 to lift steel ranging from 500 to 1200kg in weight on a house conversion project in Camberwell, London.

Some of GGR’s most popular glass vacuum lifters have been used to make handling and installing large feature windows safe and simple. Our bestselling Four-in-Line lifter was used to install a cathedral style window on another Grand Design’s renovation project, a rotating DSL2 machine lifted a curved glass unit into place at a house in Wolverhampton, and a Hydraulica 2000 lifter was used with a Unic URW-506 mini crane on the roof of a Belgravia town house to lift glass down to the hard-to-reach swimming pool area.

Another lifter in the Hydraulica series, a Hydraulica 1200 was used to install a circular skylight to the roof of the kitchen at a private house in Bishopgate, London.


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