By: Kelly Holdaway On: April 13, 2012 In: Blog Comments: 0

GGR Group headed to Wolverhampton recently to provide a quick and simple solution for fitting a large feature window to the second floor of a private house.

Using a compact Unic URW-095 mini spider crane and a DSL2 curved glass vacuum lifter, the team of operators set about lifting the expensive glass sheet from a stillage brought in on a truck into position, ready to be fitted.

The 2.8 metre by 3.2 metre curved pane of glass could be easily handled by the 400kg DSL2 below-the-hook lifter. The lifter’s 16 vacuum suction cups, which are mounted on flexible arms, could be moulded to the curved surface of the 288kg glass unit to give reliable hold during the lift. With the DSL2’s 270° manual rotation function, the glass could be safely turned in the air by the operators until it was in the correct position for installation.

The 0.995 tonne capacity Unic URW-095 mini crane, fitted with a searcher hook for extended reach, was able to get close enough to the building to raise the DSL2 lifter and glass panel up to the second floor, where glaziers on the scaffold were ready to fix the window into place.

GGR Group’s range of safe and efficient glass vacuum lifters are frequently used to help lift glass units of all shapes and sizes on house refurbishment projects. Take a look at when our bestselling Four in Line lifter made an appearance on Channel 4’s Grand Designs installing windows at a renovated mill cottage.

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