By: Kelly Holdaway On: February 14, 2012 In: Blog Comments: 0

GGR Group had chance to show off some very accurate lifting skills recently as a Unic mini crane took to the roof of a city residence in London’s exclusive Belgravia neighbourhood.

The 3 tonne capacity Unic URW-506 mini spider crane  measures only 1.4m wide and has variable outrigger positions, making it compact and easy to place on the small rooftop of a house in this fashionable area of London.

The mini crane was lifted 9 metres up onto the roof of the building by a lorry loader crane.  Once set up in place it started on moving its first load of the day, a 1640kg glazed swimming pool panel from a stillage on street level.

A Hydraulica 2000 glass sucker was used with the Unic mini crane as its 2 tonne capacity and 26 vacuum pads could safely handle the 13m2 glass sheet. The glass was lifted up to the roof where, thanks to the Hydraulica’s 210° lockable rotation function,  the load could be rotated to fit down a gap to reach its final destination in the house’s basement.

The 360mm deep Hydraulica was slimline enough for the mini crane to easily lower it down the narrow gap with the thick glass load attached. Once this tricky lift was complete, the mini crane and Hydraulica 2000 then lifted a second large 950kg glass panel to the rooftop ready to be installed as a roof light.

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