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Two UNIC URW-095 cranes renovating building

Two of GGR’s UNIC mini spider cranes assisted with the first stages of renovation work at this old building in Stoke which is getting a new lease of life for 2014.

This old two storey building is undergoing a drastic makeover to transform it into a three floors of commercial property and flats. A pair of UNIC URW-095 mini spider cranes fitted with 700kg capacity searcher hooks worked together on the refurbishment project inside this confined space.

First the two mini cranes helped remove existing ceiling supports. They supported the weight of each steel beam whilst they were cut in half then lifted out.

The new steel beam floor supports were 8 metres long and 1000kg in weight, and were cut in half for the two compact cranes to install up to a height of 7.8 metres. The two cranes lifted 18 halves in total to create 9 full beams.

Pair of UNIC mini cranes installing steelwork

At just 600mm wide, the 0.995 tonne capacity UNIC URW-095 spider cranes could easily access this congested building site. The cranes selected for this job were also LPG powered so only released non-toxic fumes into this confined indoor space.

Multiple mini cranes are often used for lifting steel work in tight spaces. Sometimes two or even three cranes are better than one, like when GGR helped create a Santa’s Grotto dome in a major UK shopping centre and installed steel floor beams at London’s Olympia exhibition centre.

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