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GGR Group has started getting into the festive spirit by helping to construct a special Santa’s grotto at a major UK shopping centre. This year’s main attraction is a large dome where visitors are promised an exciting animated display, as well as the chance to meet Father Christmas himself!

A trio of Unic URW-376 mini cranes was used to erect the dome which was made from around 400 connected hollow steel pipes. Each of these compact cranes can lift to a height of 14.9m and has a maximum lifting capacity of 2.9 tonnes.

The mini cranes were used to lift the top of the dome several times so the lower layers of the structure could be fitted on. Once fully assembled, the dome reached a height of 11 metres and weighed 2 tonnes. The three cranes were used to lift the dome in synchronisation using webbing slings, so the weight of the load could be evenly distributed through each lifting point and the structure would remain stable when being suspended in the air.

Once the structure was complete, two cranes were then used to lift the 400kg fabric cover to the top of the dome. Workers who had climbed the structure could then pull the cover around the dome and fix it into place.

So when Father Christmas comes to town, he’ll have Unic mini cranes to thank for helping create his impressive winter wonderland dome!


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