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Clad-King with Tower CraneGGR’s CladKing vacuum lifter wears the crown as a great all round lifting machine with a multi-configurable frame for handling loads of different shapes and sizes.

This 320kg cladding lifter can handle roof panels up to 10 metres long, vertical panels up to 14 metres and horizontal panels up to 10 metres, and has repositionable pads which can sit in the loads ridges. Suitable for lifting units from composite panel brands Rockspan, Paroc, Isocab and Kingspan, it takes less than 15 seconds for the CladKing’s vacuum power to be applied to a load.

Here’s some examples of the King of cladding lifters in action…

Clad-King with mini craneThe CladKing vacuum lifter was used with a tower crane to install large roofing panels to a brand new cinema in a UK retail park. Thanks to the efficiency of this lifter it was able to fit one panel every three minutes, meaning that the job could be completed quickly and safely.


This below-the-hook lifter can also be used with our UNIC mini spider cranes for installation work in more restricted access areas. This UNIC URW-376 mini crane and CladKing machine were used at a university campus in Norwich to lift 11 metre vertical cladding panels. Take a look at this video clip of this crane and lifter combination at work on this job.


Clad-King and StarworkerGGR’s Starworker 1200 trailer crane was also used with the CladKing to install horizontal cladding panels to this building’s façade. The CladKing has a 90° hydraulically assisted tilt function for moving loads from a stack into position for mounting.


GGR Group has a wide range of cladding vacuum lifters available to hire and purchase. Read more about some of the lifting projects that these machines have taken on in our case studies…

For more information about our full selection of cladding lifters contact your nearest GGR depot.


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