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MCC805 mini crawler crane at substation

Two of the latest additions to GGR’s fleet of compact cranes were hired to take on some tricky lifting projects at substations in the Midlands recently.

GGR’s small but powerful MCC805 mini telescopic crawler crane and F200E Plus pick and carry crane were used to remove and replace transformers at the substations (not the alien robot kind!).


The battery powered Galizia F200E Plus model went to a substation in Leicester to uninstall six old 2.9 tonne transformers and replace them with new ones. Thanks to the pick and carry crane’s narrow 2.3 metre wide chassis, front wheel drive and 180° hydraulic steering, the F200E could be easily manoeuvred around obstacles and through narrow access points on the site.

F200E pick and carry crane at substationThe zero-emissions F200E crane has a 20 tonne lifting capacity, 12 metre maximum lifting height and removable counterweights for easy transportation.

At a substation in Loughborough, the MCC805 crawler crane helped replace another six transformers. The 8 tonne capacity compact crane could easily travel across the uneven gravelled ground with its hard-wearing steel tracks.


Mini telescopic crawler crane lifting transformer

Lifting each 3.5 tonne transformer to a 4.8 metre height, the mini crawler had to complete the job in two trips as it required power to be isolated from different areas of the substation.

GGR’s UNIC mini spider cranes are also ideal for working in the power industry, like this 10 tonne UNIC URW-1006 crane which helped replace circuit breaker silencers at East Claydon electrical substation.8 tonne capacity MCC805 lifting transformer through gate


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