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UNIC URW-1006 at East Claydon substation

GGR’s heavyweight mini crane, the 10 tonne capacity UNIC URW-1006, demonstrated its unrivalled reach on a job at a National Grid substation in East Claydon, Buckinghamshire recently.

The super-strong mini crane was used to remove and replace 16 silencers on air blast circuit breakers in the 400kV substation. These silencers are used to muffle the deafening noise from when a circuit opens and a blast of air extinguishes the arc.

The URW-1006 had the reach required to lift the 50kg silencers up and over the overhead power lines at a 16 metre working height. With power isolated from this circuit and others nearby, the crane used its working area limitation function to work safely within the substation’s restricted zones away from any high voltage power.

10 tonne mini spider cranes working over power lines

National Grid previously used a high-capacity city crane with a greater working radius to carry out this essential maintenance work.  A large machine working from the roadside was needed to achieve the reach required to remove the silencers for their regular clean and check-up. However, the radio-remote controlled UNIC URW-1006 offered a more practical alternative method of lifting as its compact tracked chassis meant it could work closer to where the silencers were located.

After a practice run to check the crane’s radius was set correctly, the UNIC URW-1006 started to remove each silencer, with a slinger/ signaller on an access platform to make sure each silencer was slung securely. Working at a 11.5 metre radius, the UNIC URW-1006 removed all the silencers, then made a return visit to East Claydon to reinstall them again.

UNIC mini spider crane removing silencers from circuit breakers

GGR’s mini cranes have been frequently used for maintenance operations, repair work and decommissioning projects in substations across the UK.  GGR can also provide BESC, EUSR and CPCS qualified crane operators for lifting projects in this industry. Contact your nearest depot to find out more.

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