By: Kelly Holdaway On: April 05, 2012 In: Blog Comments: 0

The highly mobile and powerful Galizia G70 pick and carry crane provided the answer to a tricky lifting problem recently when installing some internal glazing at a broadcasting studio.

The G70 Electric compact crane was chosen to help move a large glass window inside the new studio with some help from a 1200kg capacity dual circuit Hydraulica 1200 vacuum lifter. This 7 tonne capacity crane doesn’t emit any fumes as it is battery-powered, making it a popular choice for working in confined and sensitive areas like this.

Thanks to the Hydraulica’s 270° rotation and 90° powered tilt functions, and the G70’s precision controls, the 5.6 metre by 2.3 metre glass load could easily be manoeuvred through the building’s loading bay doors, with just 50mm extra space each side to spare.



The pick and carry crane travelled inside with the 660kg glass pane and carefully moved through the building, working under a 3 metre high ceiling to accurately align the unit into position for installation. This challenging lift was carried out by one of GGR’s expert operators who worked so efficiently that the difficult job was completed in just two hours.

The G70 pick and carry crane has proved to be an expert at squeezing through tight spaces in the past, take a look at how it navigated around an underground car park in Sheffield for example.

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