By: Kelly Holdaway On: January 25, 2012 In: Blog Comments: 0

GGR’s compact G70 pick and carry crane found itself face-to-face with an Evel Knievel style ramp this week following essential lifting in a Sheffield underground car park.

Known to locals as the Cheesegrater or Sugar Cube, the car park at St. Paul’s Place in Sheffield was built as part of the city’s regeneration programme and its basement will soon be transformed into a new casino.

GGR Group’s G70 pick and carry crane was chosen to help install steelwork on the basement floors thanks to its miniature size, high manoeuvrability and fume-free battery power. This 7 tonne capacity compact crane also had the lifting power to handle the 3 tonne loads with ease.

After gaining access through a doorway, the 1850mm wide crane was carefully winched down a 3 metre drop using a wooden ramp which was only as wide as the crane’s tracks!

Once the crane had made it underground, the G70 pick and carry crane successfully lifted 180 steel pieces measuring 12 metres long into place over several weeks. After completing the job the crane was simply pulled back up the ramp and removed from the building.

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