By: Melissa Nichols On: September 01, 2018 In: Transport Comments: 0

A new DAF 480 FTG 6X2 truck and Montracon Trailer Tri-axle Machinery Carrier has joined the GGR Group transport fleet to keep up with the increasing demand for GGR’s mini cranes and lifting equipment.

This vehicle combination benefits from an array of eco-friendly and fuel efficiency features including the addition of a Euro 6 engine which serves to reduce the emissions when out on the road. This new engine helps meet the standards for the ULEZ (ultra-low emissions zone) in London 2019.

These trucks also feature an MX Engine Brake that works simultaneously with the exhaust brake, resulting in a combination of high braking power and low engine rpm.

Increased safety features include a lowered near side door window to give the driver increased direct vison, nearside warning side scan sensors on the truck and trailer. Full 360 recording and monitoring CCTV system giving the driver reduced blind spot areas for enhanced safety when travelling through busy congested areas and assist in upholding and promoting our FORS status (Fleet Operators Registration Scheme).

This vehicle combination also benefits from;

  • Trailer front air ramp
  • Trailer fitted with full driver fall protection
  • Additional driver walkway
  • Rear steer axel truck and trailer
  • Direct vision additional driver assistance


The vehicle further enhances GGR’s vision in working to reduce the number of vehicles being used on the public road across the UK.

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