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GGR Group Trucks and TransportThe GGR Group is Europe’s leading supplier of vacuum handling equipment, compact pick and carry cranes, UNIC mini spider cranes and restricted access lifting machinery for sale and hire, along with a variety of complementary products and services. Our mini cranes and cutting edge lifting equipment have proven invaluable for vast range of industries including glazing, construction, utilities, defence, waterways and rail infrastructure and more.

Adrian Richards Head of Transport GGR Group reflects on the previous 12 months, increasing our fleet and replacing older vehicles has enabled GGR to promote safety, efficiency and reducing road accidents working with FORS.’

GGR came across FORS as a contractual condition in the construction sector. We realised it would benefit us by granting access to contracts and to enable growth in our transport solution to support our customers in the requirements of the construction industry.

June 2013 we passed our bronze assessment first time round, this process was positive which confirmed that we were doing things right. Now in 2018 our Gold status has been maintained for our 4th year. Continuously reviewing all elements of our business has enabled us to increase knowledge and safety in driving our company forward in this demanding industry.

On looking back over 2017 the guidance and information gained from the FORS workshops, Practitioners programmes and FORS Professional, our knowledge and commitment has accelerated within these areas. Upholding a structured program with promoting FORS to our other depots and our customers has been assisted by our PR & Marketing department which includes monthly news bulletins and dedicated website content.

Daniel Ezzatvar Marketing Manager GGR Group ‘From a marketing perspective, our transport is customer facing and the appearance and conduct of our drivers and vehicles may be the only thing that the customer actually sees, beyond dealing with our organisation remotely. As such, we are proactive in ensuring that our vehicles look their best at all times by regularly checking that all signage and decals are tidy, with no damage or wear and tear’

During our journey with FORS over the years GGR took on board the highlighted importance of driver behaviour towards other road and vulnerable road users. Focusing on driver information and vehicle technology to improve safety. Our drivers and management have adopted the skills and information from participating in the FORS program reducing costs but increasing safety. This has been a key area our customers and new business requirements.

Progressing and upholding the FORS standards has been a proven way to show our professional attitude towards increasing safety within the industry, being part of this scheme has been a natural progression which has given direction and awareness of a safer environment for all.

Michael Heneghan GGR Group Sales & Business Development Director quotes ‘Since GGR was awarded the FORS Gold standard it has assisted GGR greatly when tendering for works with both existing and prospective clients. This is true across the spectrum of the tenders we apply for from the government funded major infrastructure projects such as Crossrail to private equity projects such as airport projects like Heathrow`

Our performance has shown reductions in vehicle accidents this has been assisted by the implementation of CCTV giving the drivers the comfort of knowing their actions to promote safety are backed up. Reducing our fleet mileage has not affected our service as the use of the larger vehicles has beneficial.

Period Road Traffic Accidents Fleet Kms Travelled
Jan – Dec 2016 11 324,822
Jan – Dec 2017 10 317,675
Percentage Improvement 16.7% 2.2%

GGR took delivery of 2 new Euro VI 12ton vehicles. To replace older vehicles these have low noise technology, direct view passenger door window, full 360 recording cameras and integrated side scan systems.

FORS Gold accreditation assisted in retaining confidence, demonstrating our commitment to a safer environment. Continued investment in staff and equipment has ensured we are upholding standards and commitment.

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