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A UNIC URW-295 Spider Crane and an MRT4 Vacuum Lifter have been sold to Vision Aluminium in the UK.

Vision Aluminium systems, based in Nottingham specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of commercial glazing solutions across a range of industries.

Together, the UNIC URW-295 and MRT4 vacuum lifter make the perfect heavy lifting duo for installing and manoeuvring glazing panels for precision installation.

Versatile, powerful and compact, the UNIC 295 sets the benchmark for precision engineering and unparalleled lifting technology. The 8.65m boom provides a maximum lifting height of 8.8m, whilst an optional fly jib gives a further 1500mm reach making it perfect for almost any lifting project.

Graeme Riley CEO of GGR Group “It’s great to see UK businesses continuing to invest into GGR’s range of lifting equipment to help their businesses grow. Vision Aluminium have purchased two of our most popular machines thanks to their versatility and ability to work on projects on challenging terrain and in confined spaces – we look forward to working with them in the future”.

With 320kg of lifting power, full 360 degree continuous rotation and 90 degree tilt, the MRT4 Quattro is one of the most popular and versatile vacuum lifters available. With four flexible frame configurations in one unit, the MRT4 Quattro vacuum lifting devices come with four optional extension arms, so the frame can be adjusted to suit specific project needs.

Specialist pads are also available for lifting textured glass and a variable length lifting arm may be added, allowing easy fitting under soffits and overhangs.

The newly purchased UNIC URW-295 and MRT4 vacuum lifter are currently heading for their first project – a shop front reglaze of Lidl, in Grimsby.

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