By: Kelly Holdaway On: October 28, 2011 In: Blog Comments: 0

The Biennale International Art Exhibition in Venice is home to work from artists around the world, and this year a Unic mini crane was also on display as it helped to create a sculpture in need of a lift.

The “Fieramosca” sculpture by artist Arturo Casanova is a giant bronze and steel helmet which is tilted on a 16° angle, inspired by the 150 year anniversary of the unification of Italy.

To install this piece of art in the gardens of the exhibition’s Italian Pavillion, a Unic URW-506 mini crane was hired to erect the steel frame and then lift bronze plates onto the structure for welding together from the inside the sculpture.

The 3 tonne capacity Unic URW-506 mini crane was easily able to lift the largest pieces of the sculpture which stands at 8 metres high, consisting of 150 bronze plates and weighing 15 tonnes in total.

After working into the night to get the sculpture finished, the operators and artists made sure it ready to be seen by the public at the exhibition opening.

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