By: Kelly Holdaway On: January 31, 2012 In: Blog Comments: 0

GGR Group recently took a trip to the upmarket suburb of Highgate in London to work on a garden of palatial proportions.

The extravagant garden is part of a massive multi-million pound redevelopment project at Withanhurst House, London’s second largest private residence after Buckingham Palace. GGR Group took their largest mini spider crane, the 6 tonne capacity Unic URW-706, to the manor’s grounds to help plant trees in their new lavish gardens.

The mini crane lifted seven trees from a forklift, each one weighing just under a tonne, to a height of 5 metres to their correct position over freshly dug holes surrounding the grand fish pond.  The Unic crane’s millimeter precision controls and steady movement ensured that each of the trees stood perfectly upright as per the customer’s request – a spirit level was used to check that they were exactly vertical!



The soft, uneven ground of the landscape garden posed no problem for the Unic crane since it is designed with a traction system and flexible outrigger positions to cope with lifting on uneven surfaces.  Read more about how Unic mini cranes took on another landscape gardening project at the Chelsea Flower Show.


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