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GGR UK Largest Glass Lifters Hydraulica 4000One of GGR Group’s highest capacity glass lifters, the Hydraulica 4000 Quad-Circuit, has been put to work on its toughest job yet.  This vacuum lifter has a four tonne lifting capacity, making it the perfect machine to meet the growing demand for ever larger glass in the construction industry. The mighty machine was most recently hired to take on the installation of glass sheets weighing in at 3.6 tonnes each at one of the UK’s most innovative, new buildings.

The ground-breaking, eco-friendly mansion will secure the future of one of the UK’s oldest country estates. It is filled with features that will ensure the house is zero carbon and has been designed by award-winning architects Pringle Richards Sharratt. GGR’s Hydraulica 4000, one of the UK’s largest glass lifters, was called upon to install the giant glass sheets that makes up the impressive front elevation of this unusual build; each of the sheets measured 8.5 metres high and 3.5 metres wide.

GGR UK Largest Glass Lifters Hydraulica 4000 1Since GGR Group became the first plant hire company in the UK to offer the Hydraulica 4000 and Hydraulica 6000 glass lifters to its customers the construction industry has been able to feed its appetite for mammoth glass installations.

As the manufacturing of glass has improved architects and their clients have increasingly favoured designs with as much glass as possible. Glass not only improves the aesthetics of a building, used correctly it can increase the energy efficiency of a building. Large format glass is desirable as there are fewer joints creating a flawless appearance.

GGR UK Largest Glass Lifters Hydraulica 4000 2It is only now that GGR has introduced these market-leading glass lifters to the UK that the true potential of large format glass can be reached.  Both the Hydraulica 4000 and Hydraulica 6000 are able to rotate and tilt with loads up to four and six tonnes respectively meaning that oversized sheets of glass can be lifted, manipulated and installed with millimetre precision.

The Hydraulica 4000 isn’t the only lifting powerhouse to be taking on challenging jobs, GGR’s Hydraulica 6000 with its unrivalled six tonnes of lifting power has been spotted out and about in the big city in recent weeks. Due to the power of these machines loads can be power rotated through 360° or power tilted up to 90°.

GGR UK Largest Glass Lifters Hydraulica 4000 3The safe operation of the Hydraulica 4000 and Hydraulica 6000 is assured due to the four independent vacuum circuits with four on-board maintenance free vacuum pumps.  Each of the four circuits has a non-return valve, vacuum sensor, vacuum gauge, and alarm system.

GGR’s CEO Graeme Riley added, ‘We have been bringing market leading kit into the UK for over 20 years now. We are always excited to introduce the most innovative machines to our customers. Architects and owners are wanting to use bigger, bolder glass in their projects and these heavyweight glass lifters are the perfect solution’.

These mighty machines have already been put to work on challenging construction projects and have proven to be a hit with customers; there is no doubt that these machines will change the way large format glass is handled in the UK.

There are countless projects happening in cities all over the UK; be sure to look out for the biggest lifter of them all the Hydraulica 6000 which is out on site in London this week.

Call our friendly team of experts to find out how our mighty glass lifting machines can help on your project. Our full range of vacuum lifters can be seen on our website.

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