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With the advances in lifting solutions over the past 10 years, the spider crane has quickly made a name for itself within the lifting industry. Small, neat and compact, the benefit of this technology over more traditional cranes is virtually incomparable.

So what are the core benefits of a spider crane for your lifting project?

1234Rough terrain – Firstly, their ability to perform some of the most skilled lifting projects in some of the most challenging terrains truly is unprecedented. With their versatile outrigger configurations, spider cranes can work on uneven surfaces and slopes, whilst its tracked mobility enables the crane to travel over rough terrain. Their outriggers are designed to stabilise the crane even when working on uneven surfaces.

Health and safety features – You can be confident that the health and safety features of spider cranes will come with some of the most intelligent functions on the market. UNIC mini spider cranes come with a variety of safety features that can include a Lift-Smart Advanced Safety System, outrigger interlocks to ensure stabilisation of the chassis before any lifting operations can be carried out. The safe load indicator is installed prevent the crane from lifting outside of its working envelope. Work area limitation is standard on cranes fitted with a safe load indicator. They also include turnover protection with stability warning lamps and safety warning alarms, all of which help prevent the risk of the crane tipping. Feed back radio remote is standard on the URW1006 and optional on the other models in the range.

12345Eco Friendly – For companies or individuals looking to improve their carbon footprint or operating in sensitive environments, there are a variety of spider cranes available in eco-friendly battery formats, with varying lifting capacities. These cranes offer the same heavy lifting power and quality as standard spider cranes, but power is generated through a rechargeable battery, rather than petrol or diesel. Eco friendly spider cranes operate a fume-free lift allowing customers to take full advantage of their environmentally friendly features. These types of cranes are perfect for working in sensitive environments such as food processing plants, listed buildings, airports, clean environments and even cruise ships.

Reduce site disruption, save time and money – The compact design of the spider crane will mean that fewer measures will need to be put in place in preparation for the delivery of the crane itself, although, this will depend entirely on the nature of the site and the project at hand. When compared to that of a traditional crane, the spider crane proves much more cost effective option as there is less disruption to existing site layouts – this can help keep the work flow on site flexible efficient and smooth.

Working in between floorsConfined spaces – One of the major benefits of the spider crane today is their ability to perform the most sensitive and complicated jobs in some of the most compact areas. With some models able to fit through a standard or double doorway, it’s clear to see why these mini yet mighty cranes are some of the most popular on the market today. They can often provide the solution to a challenging lifting problem by being able to get much closer to the lift which is almost impossible when compared to that of a traditional crane.

To find out more about the range of UNIC mini spiders cranes available for your lifting project click here or contact us here now where our technical team will be more than happy to help.

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