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UNIC URW-095 lifting whale skull at National Museum of ScotlandOn this weird and wonderful lifting task, you could say GGR Group had a whale of a time!

A UNIC URW-095 mini spider crane from GGR’s Scottish depot went to The National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh to get a lesson in marine biology as it got an exclusive close look at their brand new exhibit, a whale skull.

The 600mm wide mini crane travelled through the tight spaces in the museum to The Grand Gallery where this massive mammal’s skull was to be displayed as part of their world-renowned whale collection.

UNIC spider crane lifts bottom jaw of Moby whale

The skull belongs to “Moby”, a 40ft long male sperm whale that tragically became stranded on the banks of the River Forth in 1997 after getting lost on his yearly migration from the Arctic to the Azores.  Sperm whales have the largest brains of any modern or extinct animal and their giant skulls include many cone-shaped teeth are used for eating giant squid.

The skull of this spectacular sea creature was lifted onto a 4 metre tall stand by the 0.995 tonne capacity spider crane in two sections. GGR’s lifting team first lifted the 4.7 metre long bottom jaw section then carefully positioned the larger 600kg main skull section on top of that. The LPG power mini crane was ideal for working in the museum around other exhibits as it has low-emissions and releases no toxic fumes.

UNIC mini crane lifts whale skull exhibit in position

GGR’s compact cranes and lifting equipment have been used in a number of museums around the UK…

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